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It’s Original, Like You!

Omega Man

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This striking men’s bracelet is specifically designed for the distinguished members of Omega Psi Phi. It features a series of richly hued tiger’s eye beads, known for their captivating chatoyancy that displays alternating bands of golden to deep brown color, which seem to shift and change when viewed from different angles.

At the center is a unique two-sided focal bead with the iconic Omega symbol: one side is enameled in a regal purple, while the other side is finished in a vibrant yellow, representing the fraternity’s traditional colors. This centerpiece is further embellished with sparkling accents that add a touch of sophistication.

Crafted for both style and symbolism, this bracelet is more than an accessory—it’s a statement of pride and brotherhood for the men who wear it.

Preserving Your Tumbler

Hand Wash Only. Using a dishwasher will fade your cup over time. Do not leave in direct sun, direct heat will fade the image.

What Makes Robbin Patrice Special?

Robbin Patrice was started with Janessa's last $32.76 as an accessories brand with nothing but handmade and selected jewelry. Later, we became Swanky and added soap and other body products. Yet, the dream was to always have Robbin Patrice be a lifestyle brand with nothing but wearable art. Today, we're just about there. Welcome to the journey!

    Wearable Art

    We strive to create products that start conversations that are reflective of th people that wear them. Wearable Art that speaks for you. Plus, the creator of Robbin Patrice is an introvert in every sense of the word... need I say more? Clothing that speaks for you!