Finally a place that encompasses what you don't see everyday. Robbin Patrice is unapologetically, fly.

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What Makes Robbin Patrice Special?

Robbin Patrice was started with Janessa's last $32.76 as an accessories brand with nothing but handmade and selected jewelry. Later, we became Swanky and added soap and other body products. Yet, the dream was to always have Robbin Patrice be a lifestyle brand with nothing but wearable art. Today, we're just about there. Welcome to the journey!

  • Swanky Lather

    Soap and other body products so good we had to call it, Swanky! Handmade with the finest of the fine, for that pretty skin your in!

  • SayLess Tees

    Tees that go around the room even when you haven't made a move. They speak so you don't have to.

  • 3 Wick Candles

    Nothing like having a candle that smells good even after it's been extinguished. They're THAT good.

  • Jackets

    No detail is left unturned. That's why we sell out as soon as one goes up! These Jackets tell a story, a story that speaks to you and for you.