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It’s for the lady parts! Especially when the lady parts aren’t acting accordingly! 

Having odor concerns? Dryness or vaginal atrophy? Want tighter vaginal walls? Do you have frequent yeast infections or BV? Want to add spice to your sex life? For odorless, tighter and juicer vaginas. No odor after you use the bathroom. No after sex odor. Have spontaneous sex! Enhances love making. Results within 4-6 hours. Effects last for about 30 days. Excellent to use at the end of your menstural cycle. Excellent for women on a pescatarian diet. Only 1-4 needed per month. 


Instructions for use:

Do not take by mouth 

Insert 1 to 2 pills in your vaginal cavity

Wear a pantyliner because you may experience a light discharge

The pills will dissolve within 4 to 6 hours  

Do not use more than 3 pills in a month

Be sure to shower before any sexual activity after the use of this product 

Pill effects last from 2 to 4 weeks

Use at your own risk - Do not use if pregnant  

Ingredients: Celtic sea salt, bamboo salt and other salt based minerals  


Preserving Your Tee

Turn garment inside out. Wash Cold. Dry Low. Iron inside out. No bleach. No fabric softener. Do not dry clean.

Using Wickless Candles

Drop one or two tarts into your warmer and enjoy. Each cube lasts approximately 10hrs. Replace when you can no longer smell them. Replace by melting down the wax by turning on your warmer. Drop in a few cotton balls to soak up the wax. Use a paper towel to clean the excess left in warmer.

What Makes Robbin Patrice Special?

Robbin Patrice was started with Janessa's last $32.76 as an accessories brand with nothing but handmade and selected jewelry. Later, we became Swanky and added soap and other body products. Yet, the dream was to always have Robbin Patrice be a lifestyle brand with nothing but wearable art. Today, we're just about there. Welcome to the journey!

  • Wickless Candles

    Our Wickless Candles are a shop fave, literally all scents sell out. Heavily scented and long lasting.

  • Swanky Lather

    Our soaps and other body products are handmade with love, the finest oils, herbs and fragrances.

  • Fine Jewelry

    Timeless and conversation worthy pieces. Handmade and personally chosen pieces.

  • Luxe Candles

    Heavily scented, you'll continue to smell it even after it's put out. Three wick and pretty.

Wearable Art

We strive to create products that start conversations that are reflective of th people that wear them. Wearable Art that speaks for you. Plus, the creator of Robbin Patrice is an introvert in every sense of the word... need I say more? Clothing that speaks for you!