Holiday Soap by the Loaf

Holiday Soap by the Loaf

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If you have a Swanky Lather favorite, you now can purchase an entire loaf of that one soap! You’ll receive ten full bars of soap and two ends, just like a loaf of bread, for the price.  These are made to order, must be pre-purchased and may take up to two weeks to receive as it takes an hour to make Robbin Patrice Swanky Lather bars, but it could take a couple of weeks to harden properly for use. Each bar will come bagged in Red & Green sheer organza bags (no extra charge), unless you prefer to bag your own. 

Unfortunately, because of system limitations, you will have to email us or leave a  note as to what scent you'd prefer. I look forward to connecting with you anyway! <3


Please note, if you order other products with your soap loaf, everything will ship together. If you'd like to receive part of your order before the two week production time, you may be subject to paying shipping twice.