To Scrub Or Not To Scrub

To Scrub Or Not To Scrub

Nothing makes you feel better than scooping a handful of goodness into your hands after a long day! Yet, so many big box or more well known brands’ scrubs are made with ingredients that do far more harm than good. More often than not, they are filled with ingredients that do the exact opposite of what you need it to do. Many of the ingredients irritate, leaving the skin stripped of the natural oils it produces on its own, leaving the skin drier than it started.  

Im always asked the million dollar question, “How often should I exfoliate?” Regularly exfoliating the skin once or twice a week aids in regeneration. Scrubs help to remove dead skin cells, aids in unclogging pores leaving the skin refreshed and polished! 

Finely ground salt and sugar makes for an amazing abrasive in a scrub. The salt is said to reduce inflammation, invigorate skin and helps to improve circulation. Sugar is considered to be a natural humectant. It retains moisture and keeps skin hydrated. People with sensitive skin will benefit the most from a sugar scrub. Another added benefit of sugar is that it’s a pure source of AHA, better known as Glycolic Acid which helps to remove dead and flaky skin, which enables new skin cells to grow. 

Robbin Patrice’s Salt and Sugar Scrubs will leave your skin polished and smooth as silk! It is made with finely ground salt and organic fair trade sugar.  Along with those two bases it contains the best oil combinations. Coconut oil, grape seed oil, almond oil and Abyssinian oil. I make and use my own products and if I am dissatisfied with any of what I make, I won’t sell it or I’ll discontinue it. These scrub polishes have made me write about them! The truly are a treat! Pick some up soon! 

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